Windows are often overlooked once they have been in a room in your home or office for a while, but the reality is windows contribute a lot to a room. The natural light that shines in through a window is irreplaceable and often times better than any lightbulb. Window replacement costs are worth it if you know what you are looking for in a window and what kind of window will suit the space you have available.

When it comes to bow windows and bay windows there is a distinction between the two, which is often overlooked. Bow windows are typically made up of around four fixed or venting windows that are positioned in a curved manner. Bow windows allow more light into a room than a bay window since there are more glass panels. When a bow window is located in a corner of room then the light can come in from multiple different directions, which creates a nice dimension. Bow windows that have a windowsill or ledge underneath the panels are very practical. Someone can sit there and read a book in front of the windows or can even use the space as a countertop to put picture frames or vases on.

If you’re looking to add a different dimension to your home and attract attention toward your love seat than a bay window might be the right choice for you. Bay windows are typically in an octagonal, square or hexagonal shape that are made up of three different sections, which is different than bow windows that are made up of four different sections.

Bay windows typically extend beyond a house, which means that they add more floor space than other types of windows. Often people will have a love seat or a kitchen table (kitchen ideas here) under their bay window or in front of it.

No matter what type of window you decide to go with, there is no wrong choice since natural light always wins!



Arts And Crafts For Kids And Kids At Heart

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There are is always something different in seeing kids do art that adults feel like they can channel their creative skills as well. The wide imagination of the young mind helps the constricted ideas of adults expand and get out of the norm. Here you will find simple yet beautiful arts and crafts that you and your kids will surely enjoy doing.

First is making a Sharpie Mug. What are the materials that you need? You would need a sharpie pen, mugs and an oven. You can do this activity with your kids or the whole family. You would need a mug each and you can just go head and share the sharpie pen. You can use any colors depending on your creativity. Have each of your family member draw or write anything on the clean mug. Let them use their imagination on what they want to see on the mugs. One they are done, collect them and place them inside the oven and bake them for 30 minutes at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it done, leave it cool and marvel at the beauty of your designs.

The next group activity that you and your kids can do is fairly simple. All of the people inside your household would probably have their own keys at home. How about personalizing them? All you need for this are mail polish in various colors and of course your house keys. What you just need to do is gather up your family and help in painting the part of the key where you use to twist. Do not include the part where you put inside the lock. Leave it to dry and now you will have a new and shiny colorful key.

Want to do something fascinating for your kids? How about making your own fireflies! Or rather a not so real fireflies at that. What you would need for this project are transparent glass bottles with caps, glow stick and diamond glitters. What do you need to do? First is you would need to prep your glass bottles and keep dry. Next is you would need to cut open a glow stick and put in inside the jar then shake. After that you would add the glitters inside as well. Close the lid of the bottle and have your kids shake the bottle and see the magic! This is a great projects for kids as they can keep in beside their bed lamps when they go to sleep.

Another cute DIY project for your home is a mail sorter. Do you have any wood window shutter at home that you are not using anymore? Why not repaint then then put it right behind your door or at the kitchen so that you can insert those letters and mails in the spaces in between. That would be cool to watch.

painted childHow about those extra PVC pipes lying in the garage? Are you still stacking them getting wasted? Why not use them to store shoes for your family! That’s right. You can cut those PVC Pipes equal to the size of the shoes at home then have your kids paint them in random colors and glue them together. That is an easy and simple project that you are your family can do together.

There are still a lot of projects that you can do so that you and your family can bond together. It is important that you spend time with them specially your kids as they often grow up very fast that one day you will wake up and see that they have all become adults. So think of ways to spend time with them as very time spent is worth it.